How Social Media affects the Students


Social media not only helps to acquire knowledge but also establishing enduring relationships with realpeople, connecting with fellow dorm residentsthrough Facebook (facebook caption for boys), Twitter and various social sites can help a student overcomethe kind of isolation that otherwise might leadher to leave school. A Twitter account can providea shy student with information about events thatfacilitates face-to-face encounters with otherstudents. Such personal interactions are vital tocreating and sustaining a sense of belonging.

Using technology to accommodate students‟ different learning styles is not novel. The strength of social media applications is that they offer an assortment of tools that learners can mix and match to best suit their individual learning styles and increase their academic success.

The social networking sites focus heavily on building online communities with common interests or activities. Social networking sites also can help students develop leadership skills, from low-level planning and organizing to activities that promote social change and democratic engagement.

Social media tools and networking sites encourage students to engage with each other and to express and share their creativity. Such personal interactions are vital to creating and sustaining a sense of belonging. As there are positive effects of social media there are some negative effects also.

The experts have already made it cleared that social media negatively impact learning. Studies found that middle school, high school and college students who check social media networks at least once during a 15-minute study period achieved lower grades. There are even some teens that are addicted to maintain more than one account on social media networks in some cases when boys sent requests to girls and they do not accept their requests they try to make fake accounts using feminine names and display pictures and try to add others.

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